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  • Established 1977



Thames Group has a fleet of vehicles, which range from light vans to 44 ton heavy goods Lorries. This allows us to cater for any haulage requirements our customers have. We can offer time sensitive distributions, as well as general haulage.

We pride ourselves on being able to respond to our customers’ specific needs at short notice as we are contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We understand the importance of being easily contacted and we endeavour to tailor each service to the individual requirements of our customers.

We provide a container and trailer collection service directly from the local docks for direct delivery, unloading or palletizing at our depot for short or long term storage. With meticulous procedure for all loading and unloading, we are able to offer our customers a reliable haulage service that ensures goods are transported safely and efficiently.


  • We operate three different sized tri-axle curtain sided trailers;
  • The heights are 4m, 4.2m and 4.4m and are all 13.6m in length, which means we are able to accommodate to our customer’s requirements.
  • They can be side loaded or loaded through the back doors.
  • Floor space for 26 standard pallets
  • Select 4.2m trailers are equipped with a 2 ton capacity tuck away tail lift.


Double Deck 

  • We operate tri axle double deck trailers, which are 4.9m in height and 13.6m in length.
  • They can be side loaded and hold 44 standard pallets at 1.8m tall


Flat bed 

  • These vehicles are 2m in length floor space, which can fit 24 standard pallets.
  • They are primarily used for the transportation of bricks, blocks, timber and steel.



  • Sliding skeletal trailers can carry any of the following combinations; Single 45ft container, Single 40ft container, single 30ft container and 2 x 20ft containers.
  • We operate out of Purfleet, Tilbury, Thamesport and Felixstowe.



  • We operate a box body 7.5t rigid with a payload of 2,820 kg.
  • Equipped with a 1t capacity column tail lift and floor space for 10 standard pallets.



  • We offer traction services with our tri-axle units, which are all capable of handling 44t GVW.
  • They are LEZ compliant.